Trusted by over 3,000 clients

Christian Coleman
Chief Pharmacist

When a started my pharmacy, a friend recommended the wide variety of products from DAS to me, it’s amazing how much progress I have made as a business, when I started ordering drugs from DAS

Dr. Kingsley Addo
Chief Operations Officer

DAS currently offers a comprehensive product portfolio that serves multiple therapeutic areas, with more on the way! The future is secured with DAS

Peter K. Kumah
Chief Executive Officer- AM Pharma

It’s been 20 years of amazing journey with you. I will give you a rating on client satisfaction for 100 out of 100. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Sir Edward Taylor
Head Of Marketing

Thank you very much for all of the help and patience with the getting me the right products, I know it has been difficult at some points with a lot of changes along the way. All of your work is much appreciated.”

Maame Esi Idda
Chief Pharmacist

I always say that the customer service is outstanding at DAS and this is another example of the good work you all do there. Hopefully others know what a great team you all are at DAS. Definitely my preferred supplier!”

Robert Mensah
Head of Sales

I have been a major distributor of DAS pharmaceutical products for over 17 years. DAS is exceptional when it comes to clients relations, I highly recommend them